Exploring Split’s Late-Night Eateries and Street Food

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While Split’s nightlife is renowned for its energetic clubs and beachfront parties, it’s also a city that knows how to satiate late-night cravings. Join us on a journey through Split’s culinary delights that are sure to keep you fueled into the early hours.

Street Food Stalls: As the night unfolds and the music pumps, you’ll find street food stalls dotted around the city. They offer an array of mouthwatering options, from savory kebabs to delectable pastries. Don’t miss the chance to savor local flavors.

24/7 Diners: For those in search of a hearty meal at any hour, Split has a selection of 24/7 diners. These establishments serve up traditional Croatian dishes, comforting classics, and international favorites. It’s the perfect way to refuel after a night of dancing.

Croatian Night Bites: Delve into the flavors of Croatia’s late-night cuisine. Try cevapi (grilled minced meat), burek (flaky pastry filled with meat or cheese), or palačinke (Croatian pancakes). These dishes offer a taste of local culture that’s as vibrant as the city’s nightlife.

As the moon rises over Split, the city’s late-night eateries and street food stalls come to life. Whether you’re dancing until dawn or exploring the city’s historic streets, there’s always a tasty treat waiting to be discovered.


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