Split’s Hidden Gems: Offbeat Nightclubs and Bars in Split

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While Split offers plenty of well-known nightclubs and bars, it also has its share of hidden gems for those who love exploring offbeat venues. Here are a few to check out:

1. Automat Klub Split: Tucked away from the main tourist areas, Automat Klub is a cozy and quirky bar known for its unique decor and friendly atmosphere.

2. Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar Split: This jazz bar is a hidden treasure for music lovers. It’s a peaceful escape with live jazz performances and a library-like ambiance.

3. Story Club Split: Located underground, Story Club has an intimate and mysterious vibe. It’s perfect for those who appreciate electronic music and an underground atmosphere.

4. Jungla Club Split: If you’re looking for an alternative clubbing experience, Jungla Club is known for its eclectic music selection and artistic decorations.

Split’s hidden gems provide an opportunity to discover something unique and unexpected during your nightlife adventures in the city.

Whether you’re into dance clubs, beachfront parties, cozy pubs, or offbeat venues, Split’s nightlife has something for everyone. Enjoy the vibrant and diverse scene as you explore this beautiful Croatian city after dark.

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